CO2 laser marking machine- S330 Series


The S330 series has as the CO2 laser head inside the machine, it working with the a head moving in X and Y axes, the laser head marks on the abjects,and it is available to mark the 1D/2D codes, chargeers and logos on the surface of materials. The laser marking machine is the inline type to improve the marking efficiency and line th production efficiency.


  1. Fast & stable marking with high quality and wide range of applications
  2. Imported original laser system with smallest dot size in the market, maximum  use of the marking range.
  3. Z axis control system built- in, which improve the marking quality and reduce  the cycle t ime when changing the process.
  4. Unique user interface, fast programming, easy operation.
  5. Barcode self- verifying: double – marking and wrong – marking protection
  6. Standard config. CO2 laser, optional for  fiber UV or Green laser.
  7. Automatic marking with a high precision  and efficient CCD positioning system,  which is able to check the codes after the  marking process
  8. Conveyor connects with SMT production  lines or with an offline components feeder.
  9. Friendly HMI, and easy to operate. Able to  connect with the user’s own data system.
  10. Customization is possible.

Product Video