Vertical Cooling buffer ( FIFO,LIFO,BY-PASS)


This vertical buffer is designed to have the function as FIFO/ LIFO and by-pass functions, which can be located between SMT machines to improve the working efficiency by buffering.This system is with the built-in magazine which has the special driving ability in each slot to transfer the boards to downstream system when the boards are called for. ( Built-in magazine is not exchangeable).

This vertical buffer is equipped with the cooling fans, and the PCB staying time in the buffer rack are available to set up for cooling length. It means even PCBs must reach the cooling time, and then when the downstream machine ask for PCB, the buffer will release the PCB .


  1. PCB buffer capacity: 25 PCS
  2.  Working mode:FIFO( first in first out)/ LIFO( last in first out)/By-pass mode
  3.  Infeed conveyor as standard configuration 
  4. Cooling fan: total 16 groups 
  5.  Cooling time length: setup in the software.
  6.  Conveyor width adjustment: motorized type 
  7.  Control method: PLC+ touch screen control+Taiwan servo motor
  8.  Machine working language: English 
  9.  Threshold signal to protect the boards in upstream reflow oven: Standard
  10.  PCB transfer method: 4mm ESD Flat belt to handle PCB
  11.  Magazine lifting system: precision servo motor system and servo driving system.
  12.  Lifting platform with PCBs weights handling capacity: above 100kg
  13.  Step pitch selectable: 1/2/3 pitch Step by software setting;
  14. PCB size available: 530mm * 460mm ( L*W) as Max.
  15. Indexing pitch: 22mm
  16.  PCB transfer flow direction: Left to right 
  17.  Conveyor width adjustment: motorized type 
  18.  Conveyor fixed rail: Front rail
  19.  Conveyor transfer heights: 900mm+/-50mm
  20.  Conveyor speed: 10m/min adjustable
  21.  Conveyor rail material: aluminum with special hardness treatment for long time usage and the strong PCB holding ability;
  22.  Machine working state display: LED signal tower + audible alarm
  23.  Robust lead screw rod and guide line rod to guarantee the heavy duty loading;
  24.  Safety standard: CE certificates 
  25.  Safety cover with interlock functions 
  26.  Power: AC220V,50/60 HZ, 1 phase
  27.  Air Pressure: 4-5kgf/cm2 
  28.  Machine communication: SMEMA interface 
  29. Optional: RS-485 communication 

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