Traverser/Shuttle Conveyor


Shuttle Conveyor /Traverser is used to redirect flow of PCBs into different channels in a production line.

It is designed to shuttle PCB's to next process. The conveyor can collect PCB's from two lines to one line/ distribute PCB's from one line to two lines. 


  1. Mitsubishi PLC +Screen touch panel control;
  2. Closed loop stepper motor providing the accurate transfer
  3. Working method:
1). distribute the boards from one line into two line.
2). Collect the boards from two line into one line.
  1. Two working mode are selectable in the software.
  2. Conveyor width adjustment by motorized and software input automatic width adjustments.
  3. Shuttle speed setting by software
  4. Transfer direction: right to left
  5. Operation side: Front side
  6. Fixed rail: Front rail
  7. Conveyer concept: ESD flat belt
  8. Cycle time: Depends on traversing distance
  9. Number of Cart: Sigle head transportation
  10. Surrounded with covers to provide highest level of safety;
  11. international SMEMA compatible;  
  12. PLC input and output signal display by software
  13. Alarm message display by the software..
  14. 3-color light tower and audible alarm;
  15. Lead screw rod for precision rail adjustments;
  16. PCB counter in software for automatically recording the production throughout;`
  17. PCB Component Clearance: Up 50 mm + Bottom 30 mm
  18. Shuttle  travel length: 600mm
  19. PCB Size: Max. 500mm (L) * 460mm( W); Min.:50mm (L)*50MM (W)
  20. Cycle time: 3sec
  21. Conveyor with 3 mm Edge flat Belt
  22. Belt speed: 0.5-20m/min adjustable
  23. Conveyor height: 900+/-20mm
  24. Power supply:220 V/50-60 Hz/ 1P/350 W
  25. Machine footprint : 1550×1450×1250mm(L*W*H)

Transfer heights


Transfer direction

Left to right

Operation side

Front of machine

Fixed rail

Front of machine



Conveyor belts

ESD flat belt

PCB edge support


Allowable components clearance

30mm below and above

Transfer car  number

Standard  single car

PCB transfer Mode

2 in 2 out;

1 in 2 out

2 in  1 out

NG Reject function



CE certificates




220V/ 110V , single phase, 50-60Hz

Product Video



 Machine dimension

Length 1500(mm) *950mm *950mm ( L*W*H)

Shuttle distance Length is available for any customer requirements.


280KG ( depends on the shuttle length)

PCB size

500mm *460mm ( L*W)