NG reject Vertical buffer conveyor improves your line transportation efficiency.

This unit is located after SPI/AOI machine to inspect NG boards in the line. The operator can CALL for NG boards stacked in the rack onto the 2TH layer of the conveyor part to inspect them visually while the good boards are being passed through to the downstream machine without any interruption.

•NG / OK boards can be smartly separated in each layer of conveyor.
•FIFO/LIFO, BY-PASS, NG Reject function selectable
•Mitsubishi PLC program control
•Servo motor system to improve the working efficiency
•Selectable pitch settings
•Tower-light display for machines working status.
•Built-in Rack structure
•Enclosed CE construction to improve the safety level
•Conveyor & rack adjustment by motorized
•Separately driven buffer conveyors
•25 PCBs storage capacity
•Standard infeed conveyor with inspection station
•Use the friendly touch screen panel
•SMEMA compatible